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....Using what we’ve already got and being creative with it, is a different way of thinking.

NICA is collaborating side by side with European interior designers, who are providing premium leftover fabrics, that are brought back to life again in form of fashion. The two sisters strongly believe that old fabrics have character and always a story to tell.

is an award-winning interior design studio with offices in London and Vienna. Theresa Obermoser is the founder and creative director.

is home to hundreds of premier designer acrylic fabrics, custom rugs and trimmings perfect for luxurious indoor and outdoor applications.

is an international home and lifestyle company and designs and wholesales furnishing fabrics throughout Europe, and in over 40 countries worldwide.

iWEBEREI is a Berlin-based weaving studio founded by Noël Saavedra, specialised in textile research, development and production. WEBEREI produces unique items and enables others to craft their own. They strongly believe in helping creators get access to, and create, with weaving.

iRohlede is a Hitex® manufactory founded in 1946 in Konradsreuth, Upper Franconia - a location with good soil for the development of their innovative products. With the highest level of expertise, Rohleder produces high-quality upholstery fabrics and home textiles in all variations of colours, structures and designs. This makes them one of the most modern and successful weaving mills in Europe.