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C.R. Mini 004


Do you ever look at the girls that pop up on your Instagram feed and think to yourself, they all look the same?

Are you the kind of girl who wants to move away from mainstream, starting to choose longevity, uniqueness and wearability over overnight trend pieces?

That's why you want to be sure you choose a bag you'll love and treasure forever—one that's not only unique but will fit perfectly with your existing wardrobe.

All our bags are only available once in their color, size & fabric.

  • Material
  • Color & Chain
  • Measurements



Gold Color Chain

Grey in color

6 x 14 x 18 cm (d x h x w)

  • Max. Strap Length 130cm
  • Twist lock-fastening front flap, 1 small front pocket
  • 1 large, 1 small interior pocket with zipper closing

Handmade in Istanbul. Sustainable. Unique.

If you cannot reduce, reuuse.