Custom Tote NICA


Send us your favorite fabric and we will make your dream bag out of it! How does it work?

1. Put the bag you would like to design in the shopping cart and go through checkout.

2. Please write us a note at the checkout about which chain color you would like to have on your bag as well as which lock (turning lock or nicasconcept logo).

3. Send us your Fabric:  Size Mini Bag: 0,5 sqaure meters

Maxi Bag: 0,5 square meters (can be more, but not less.)

Tote / Pouche: 1 square meters

Fabric: Preferably thicker (cotton, denim, wool, linen, vegan leather, velvet)

Please be patient. Your bag will be produced within the next collection circle.(around 1-2 months until its in your hands.)