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Targeted binding of CO₂ by promoting climate-resilient forests.

This also strengthens the habitat of many animal and plant species.

From the clean-up on the Philippine beach and in Hamburg to the new waste infrastructure in Indonesia, Nepal and Albania.

With every support, nature becomes a bit more plastic-free and children in Germany more environmentally conscious.

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New Mini 54


The Logo (the star) was painted and digitalized years ago by our beloved mother, who created it for her own fashion boutiques in Vienna & Kitzbühel.

This star accompanied us through our childhood, making our first experiences in the fashion industry, while supporting our mother in her daily fashion business.

In the future all our bags will be marked with this star,
'cause it just means too much to us.

Our new MINI Bags are slightly bigger than our old ones. They have a magnetic lock in front and improved finishing. 

We are super happy about the outcome and want to thank our Collaboration partners for this collection: DESIGNER'S GUILD, a Swiss Interior Company, and Claudia Reiter, our loving Aunt and absolute talented interior Designer,  for providing us with those incredible fabrics.

All our bags are only available once in their color, size & fabric.

  • Material
  • Color & Chain
  • Measurements


100% Linen

Silver Color Chain

Dark Grey/White

6 x 15 x 18 cm (d x h x w)

  • Max. Strap Length 130cm
  • Twist lock-fastening front flap, 1 small front pocket
  • 1 large, 1 small interior pocket with zipper closing

Handmade in Istanbul. Sustainable. Unique.

If you cannot reduce, reuuse.