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With every bag we support the research of frontotemporal dementia.

This mission at heart runs very deep for us, since our mother, who was our big role model, best friend and the reason for us to found NICASCONCEPT, got diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia at only 45 years old.

Frontotemporal dementia is a kind of dementia similar to alzheimer's disease but far less common. It affects part of the brain, that controls emotions, behavior, personality and language. People who suffer from this disease have prompt mood changes, depression like symptoms, withdrawal from social interactions and loose their social skills. The average life expectancy from the onset of the symptoms is approximately 8-9 years. It is a very challenging disease for care givers as well as for the families and friends experiencing it.

Since there is no treatment to slow the progression of this disease, we want to support the research and help families in need.