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NICA was founded in 2019 by the creative sister duo Nika and Carolina. The idea for the name NICA originated by merging the first two letters of both their names. The idea was to move away from fast fashion, towards the creation of unique handbags by using old fabrics. Each bag is intended to be collected thoughtfully and treasured over seasons and years to come.

NICA is collaborating side by side with European interior designers, who are providing premium leftover fabrics, that are brought back to life again in form of fashion. The two sisters strongly believe that old fabrics have character and always a story to tell.

NICA Bags are designed in Berlin and hand-made in Istanbul. Prioritising Quality over Quantity, each bag is an edition of only 1 or 2 pieces to preserve a sense of uniqueness and exclusivity. To dedicate to quality manufacturing NICA ensures that the bags are produced in a fair and safe environment.