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Do your part for our environment
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With your contribution you support:

By rewetting regional moors, they store greenhouse gases that are harmful to the climate.

Around 62,000t of CO2e will be saved over the course of the project.

250 tons of collected plastic waste are the foundation for the largest recycling village in the world.

Recycling helps the village community, the environment and the animals that live there.

Mit deinem Mitwirken unterstützt du aktiv:
  • das Klima
  • das Vermeiden von Emissionen
  • das Erhalten von einzigartigen Lebensräumen
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Each of our Bags are hand-made and may sometimes differ a little in form due to the different thickness of each fabric.

To ensure that you get the most out of your new timeless it piece, we recommend giving it some occasional extra love and maintenance.

1. Maintain the Shape

There’s nothing sadder than a sunken-in handbag. However, this structural catastrophe can be avoided completely. Stuffing scarfs or even socks inside your bag helps them maintain their shape. 

2. Keep your bag away from the light

Sun-damage is real, especially if you’re a handbag. Put your dust bags to good use and make sure you store your bags away from windows and direct sunlight. It is fine to take your bag out for a spin in the sun. However, you should avoid leaving it directly in the sunlight for too long, as the exposure of too much sun could cause the color to fade.

3. Organise your bag

Organizing your bag is not to be forgotten if you want to keep the inside as fresh as possible. You really don’t want that a lipgloss getting a permanent mark on the lining, do you? Little pouches are great for keeping things in place, and providing some extra protection,

4. Stay away from rain

Rain is bad. Like, really bad: it can leave permanent damage on your bag. We use gold, gun and silver colored plated hardware for some of our bags. The hardwares will not loose clarity and color if handled with special care. Avoid any contact with other surfaces. Please note that we cannot accept any complaints due to loss of color of our hardwares.

5. Embrace Imperfections

As the fabric softens, the shape can change slightly and that is part of the charm of something well-loved. While taking care of your handbag is necessary, it’s important to love and carry it, too. Remember that imperfections are memories: just proof that the bag is loved and the money was well spent.

And don't forget to swap your bag from time to time ;)